10 Healthy Snacks For Those On The Go

10 Healthy Snacks For Those On the Go Image

We all know the drill - you’re running from one place to the next and suddenly it hits you. You’re STARVING.

Maybe you’re in a meeting and you hear your tummy rumble, or you’re in the car or just about to hit the gym. There’s no way you have time or the motivation to whip up that ‘perfect’ kale salad or ‘superfood’ smoothie. Fear not.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a challenge (I appreciate you’ve already got a lot on that to-do list of yours). Whilst it may be tempting to grab that sugary chocolate bar when you’re in a rush, trust me, there are better options out there.

Like most good things in life, these snacks will require a little extra planning. But I promise, not enough for you to give up your Sunday 'meal prepping’. Because honestly who has time for that.

What I love to tell my clients in clinic is to set aside 1 hour on a weekend to shop for nutritious ingredients and then 10 minutes each night or morning prepping your lunch box for the next day (I’m a night kinda gal, as it means one less thing to worry about it in the morning).

I am a huge believer of the 6 P’s = Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. So if you desire, spend an extra hour on the weekend prepping your snacks. In the warmer months, I like to hard-boil eggs for my salads or make a batch of hummus to pair with veggie sticks. In the cooler months, it’s all about soups and making healthy treats like my banana bread. This saves me time during the week!

Here are some of my nutritionally crafted snack ideas that are quick and healthy for next time you reach #hangry.

  1. Veggie sticks with homemade hummus, click here for the recipe

  2. 1 cup plain or Greek yoghurt with toppings i.e. berries, nuts and seeds, cinnamon, honey, cacao powder, muesli

  3. Apple cut up with nut butter smothered on either side (so delicious)

  4. Small handful of nuts

  5. DIY trail mix with chopped up nuts, dried fruit, choc chips, coconut flakes

  6. 1-2 bliss balls (I’m biased but GH Nutrition bliss balls are delicious, click here for stockists)

  7. Vita-weats or rice cakes with toppings i.e. cheese and sliced tomato OR peanut butter and sliced banana OR avocado and hard-boiled egg

  8. 2-3 Medjool dates cut in half and filled with nut butter (for all those that like life a little sweeter)

  9. Small tin of baked beans - never underestimate a tin of baked beans. Full of fibre and protein plus low in calories, baked beans are a great convenience food. They also count as a serve of veg! Choose reduced salt varieties. I have been known to eat cold out of the tin….judgement free zone here.

  10. Hard-boiled eggs. Hot tip - cook up on Sunday and peel. Keep in a container filled with cold water in the fridge to keep fresh. A protein hit and filled with healthy fats, this snack will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Slice and have on rice cakes with tomato or avocado.

If you are after more healthy and nutritious snack and meal ideas, visit my latest eBook for more inspiration. Click here to be taken through.

I hope these ideas get you out of a bind next time you’re #hangry.

Always got your back.



Georgia Houston