GH Nutrition Signature Healthy Eating Plan

GH Nutrition Signature Healthy Eating Plan


The GH Nutrition Signature Healthy Eating Plan is a complete guide for those that are confused about what to eat and just want to nourish their bodies with real, simple and wholesome meals.

The plan is easy to follow, flexible and full of delicious meals and snacks.

All meals have been nutritionally designed to help you feel your best and include a balance of fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, lean protein and healthy fats.

The plan includes:

  • Over 45 dietitian approved and created recipes - Includes healthy main meals, snack options and desserts. The recipes are based on real, wholefoods that everyone can enjoy.

  • GH Nutrition Healthy Eating Principles - Includes my 10 guiding principles to creating a balanced life, with everything from the importance of a nourishing wholesome breakfast, to hydration and being a flexible eater included.

  • The GH Nutrition Menu – The two-week meal plan template is for those that like extra support and guidance and being told exactly what to eat. The menu includes balanced recipes each day and consists of three main meals, two snacks and an option for a healthy dessert.

  • Guide to Building a Wholesome Plate - This GH Nutrition resource is what I take all my clients through in my clinic, as it shows how to incorporate fruits, veggies, wholegrains, lean proteins and healthy fats into your meals. The guide also includes a template on how many serves from each of the food groups you should be aiming to consume each day for optimum energy and nutrients.

  • GH Nutrition Pantry List - The pantry list offers a breakdown of wholefood items that are nutritionally approved to create a healthy kitchen.

Who is the GH Nutrition Signature Healthy Eating Plan for:

  • Those that are after nutritious and quick recipes.

  • Those that want more food ideas and more guidance and structure around what to eat in a day.

  • Those that have struggled with their relationship with food and are confused around what and how much to eat.

  • Those that want to find their natural weight, no dieting or restricting involved.

  • Those that want more energy from their food.

  • Families wanting to live a healthier life, without spending ages in the kitchen.

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